Supporting NHS dental practitioners and their patients in the Wolverhampton area.

Welcome to Wolverhampton LDC
Wolverhampton Local Dental Committee is an independent self-financing - non profit body with statutory functions. It is not a trade union. LDCsĀ have been in existence since 1911, and constantly modernise to work effectively with a changing NHS.
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We are committed to being a source of support, advice and reference for all dentists in the Wolverhampton area. We are here to help.
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Many of the responsibilities of Wolverhampton PCT was transfered to Wolverhampton Commissioning Group on 1 April 2013, with the responsibility for health promotion transferring to Wolverhampton Council. You can learn about these organisations on their websites by clicking on the links below.
Clinical Commission Group Link
Commissioning Board Link
Wolverhampton City Council Link
NHS England (West Midlands) Dental Commissioning Team will be operating from a generic inbox as from 12th June 2017 to respond to dental matters received from dental providers. Please can all queries including all requests to vary contracts be sent to:
Department of Health Link
For more information, news and conversations on the National Health Service changes and modernisation of health and care, as well as to find out how they may effect on click on the link for the Department of Health's website.
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